Black Ace Copper Plated Bullets

A new generation of copper plated bullets

Black Ace are the latest generation of top quality bullets manufactured by Shooting Technology.
These bullets are made from certified hard lead alloy and finished with the latest galvanic coating technologies. This is the first time that this galvanic coating has been used copper plated pistol bullets.

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After the bullet swaging operation (cold moulding), the lead core bullet is treated with a galvanic double copper plating layer. The first layer is a normal copper plating, while the second, outer layer is a special, chemically treated copper alloy.

This type of double surface treatment increases the cartridge power factor, accuracy on the target and a reduced recoil of the firearm for an overall better shooting performance. This new coating eliminates all copper residue in the barrel.

Black Ace Bullets 9mm CaliberTC


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