Copper bullets suitable for recharging ammunition for a short weapon

The copper bullets for recharge ammunition made by Shooting Technology, are made of certified lead alloy through a process of extrusion and cold molding; in the following phase they undergo a galvanic treatment, during which a 120 micron layer of copper is uniformly deposited. Subsequently they are recalibrated so as to guarantee the quality and precision of the final product.

Copper Plated Bullets Advantages

The copper bullets for ammo recharge made by Shooting Technology, have the advantage of being less smoky with a very competitive cost compared to similar products on the market. In addition, compared to bullets made of bare alloy, eliminate the problem of lead fumes and deposit less residues on the gun barrels, allowing a simpler cleaning of the weapons.

Copper Plated Bullets 9mm Caliber RN

Copper Plated Bullets .40 and .45 Caliber

Copper Plated Bullets 9mm Caliber TC

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