Soft primer for firearms of lighten percussion

Primers for refill ammunition short weapon and refill material

Shooting Technology offers its customers a selection of soft primers suitable for recharging race ammunition for short weapons from 9mm to 10mm (.40) for sports use (IPSC Production / IDPA / etc.) And for weapons with lightened percussion.

We also offer to all our customers, first shot cartridge bullet cases  decapsulated and washed with a professional system at an ceap price.

How the Primer is it made?

The primer is the smallest component in the complex system consisting of weapon and ammunition. However, it deserves the greatest attention, because it is an essential part for the perfect functioning of the ammunition.

Primer Description:

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  1. Lacquering protects from water moisture
  2. The triggering mass is a sophisticated compound containing the primary explosive, a sensitizer, oxidizers and reducers, that ensuring a safe and complete combustion of the powder contained in the ammunition
  3. The capsule coverings, made with innovative materials, guarantee maximum protection in all weather conditions
  4. The precise shape and positioning of the anvil ensure a safe and fast propulsion.


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